Friday, 13 April 2012


If anybody would like to take part in a very small, completely anonymous, survey about how you came out to your parents I would be grateful if you would take part in it.  The results might help those struggling with what is the best way to inform them.
For more information please see my separate page "Transgender: Telling Your Parents"

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Congratulations to Nikky on the opening of her new offices

Consultation area of Femilife's new offices
Nikky Sanchez, the owner and founder of Femilife, Peru has opened her new and beautiful office suite overlooking the Parqué Central de Miraflores in a prestigious area of this thriving and beautiful city.
Entrance to the Parqué Central de Miraflores (Femilife's offices are just out of image on the left)
This is where the surgeons will come to see Femilife's clients for their pre and post operative consultations and is located close to where most of the apartments which Femilife uses to accommodate its clients during their stay in Lima.
180º panorama image taken in the Parqué Central de Miraflores
It is in an area of the city which I felt completely safe in, both during the day and the night

More images of Femilife's new offices below:-
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