FFS Results

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The before image below was taken just 4 days before my first surgery (which had been split into two parts because of my age - 66 at the time).  The after image was taken at the end of June, which has allowed for most of the healing to take place and full sensation to return to all areas affected.

I have also included a photograph of myself with my mother as side by side comparisons (taken at about the same ages I think my mother was 3 years younger than me when I took the photograph)



  1. Wonderful, Carol, just simply wonderful...

    Someday, someday...sigh!

  2. Hi Katy,
    Thank you love - we really must get round to having a coffee together one day
    Carol xx

    1. Hi carol ,, u look beautiful...
      I live in peru..for u opinion and experience did u recommend to do ffs in peru
      Cuz I would like to do my ffs in my country but I dont trust doctor in peru
      My another choice is Dr DiMaggio
      What did u recommend to all female trangender ...regarding to femilife...

    2. Hi,
      I thought that Dr. Pimentel's bone work was very impressive. However, I was not as happy with the face lifts as they are uneven and my nose is now actually bigger than it was AFTER the rhinoplasty. The laser treatments and PRP treatments which I had showed little improvement to the wrinkle lines around my lips and I was later told by the plastic surgeon in Turkey that I had not been given the right treatments for that area.
      I think one of the problems could be is that Dr. Pimental does this work AFTER his main job as an extra source of income and surgeries are not done until the evening when he has already been working all day - a surgeon will never produce his best work when he has already had a very busy day.
      Neither would I trust Nicky Sanchez again as she lied to me and seems to invent prices for every single client.
      If I had to do it again, then I would consider either Dr DiMaggio in Buenos Aires or Dr. Cardenas in Guadalajara.

    3. Thank you for sharing your experiences. You look beautiful -Lulu

    4. Thank you Lulu, I hope my experiences will help other people in deciding where they would like to have any FFS or related surgeries.
      Carol xx

  3. beautiful Carol, I cant believe the transformation after ffs, truly amazing!, love simone fron GS.


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