Saturday, 18 August 2012

Now booked for my abdominoplasty and hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey

 I have now booked for my additional surgeries for my full abdominoplasty and hair transplants (FUE technique) at Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery, Istanbul in Turkey.  I cannot fault their customer service at this point in time - I sent them an email with my initial enquiry at 10am on Monday morning and a few minutes later a gentleman called Engin telephoned me back thanking me for my enquiry and went on to describe their modus operandi in perfect English.  He said he would email me some images and further information and 5 mins later, the email he had promised me arrived on my desktop.  I further made some enquiries about the other types of surgeries that they perform and he always came back to me within the space of about 5 or 10 mins (except for one enquiry which I sent him early one evening - it would have been about 8:30pm local time in Turkey - and the response was a little slower, understandably, but still arrived on my desktop within the hour.

Comfort Zone Clinic - Interior
Comfort Zone Clinic - Exterior

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Looks like my trip back to Peru is no longer on

In March, just before I left Peru, Nikky examined my face and said "Miss Carol, when you return for your abdominoplasty and hair - I will give you a blepharoplasty".  I imagined this was because I had seemed to have paid substantially more than other patients who had similar treatments (or much greater treatments) at the same time - and more than some who followed later.
When I emailed Nikky about this, she now says that this is not possible and I will now have to pay an extra $1,300.  With these broken promises in mind I am now looking elsewhere and think I have come up with a better solution at a lower cost to what Nikky is offering.
More will follow later.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ready to book my flight back to Peru

I'm now in the process of booking my final set of surgeries - full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and some hair grafts - and waiting for Nikky to confirm that the surgeons who will be doing these procedures will be available in mid November.  Once she has confirmed this I will book my flights.
I will be updating my blog about these procedures as they happen.  More information about the abdominoplasty surgery can be found on the Femilife website here