Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Paddy Power and the abuse of women

Last year Paddy Power came up with the insulting and demeaning campaign for their betting syndicate of "The Cheltenham 'Spot the Filly' Week" for which they were rightly castigated and made to withdraw the campaign (not before a great deal of damage had been done).  They blamed the advertising company that devised the promotion and assured everybody that it wouldn't happen again .......................

..................... for at least for another year it would seem - for this year they have gone even 'better' and have a new advertising campaign - "It's Oscar Time. Money Back If He Walks." referring to the Oscar Pistorius trial for the murder of his partner Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day last year.  To trivialise the murder of this young woman in this way is totally reprehensible - and to do it to boost your profits is absolutely unforgivable.

Many women all over the world suffer both physical and psychological abuse from their partners and in the  UK alone last year 138 women lost their lives from physical abuse by men.  That is 138 lives which were needlessly lost and the effect on those people who loved them,  their parents, brothers and sisters, their children and their friends and wider family were shattering - but to Patrick Kennedy, the  CEO Paddy Power, this means nothing but an opportunity to make money.  Shame, shame, shame on you Patrick Kennedy for authorising this advertising campaign to go ahead.

There is an online petition calling on Paddy Power to withdraw this vile campaign and to donate any profit already raised from it to charities supporting victims of abuse which can be found here.  I would call upon anybody who has a shred of decency in their body, to support this campaign and tell Patrick Kennedy - enough is enough.