"Trans" - A powerful documentary about trans people
Trans is an award winning movie produced by Mark Schoen. This full length documentary film has won many accolades for its sensitive portrayal of the lives of people who are transgender. The video can be purchased on DVD by the producers of the movie - this is the trailer.  I have now bought the PAL version of this movie on DVD and it really is compelling viewing for anybody who is trans or who might benefit from seeing it.  Whilst shocking in parts, it was also tremendously empowering in other ways and left me being proud of who I am and the person that I became.

Trans (Trailer) from The Film Collaborative on Vimeo.

"Hate" - A music video by Chrisie Edkins
Came across this music video by Chrisie Edkins which I just cannot get out of my head at the moment.  If you like it, you can find out more about her and her music on her website at:-


Saffron James, the mother of 10 year old Livvy James, speaks compassionately to other mothers with transgender children


Nikky Sanchez talks about her transition in her video blog 
Nikky Sanchez, the owner of Femilife in Peru, talks about her own transition in this video blog

Parents of a 7 year old transgendered child tell their story
Children are quite frequently aware of their true gender from a very early age and with the love and support of their parents can be spared the agony of going through the puberty of the wrong sex.



Andrew Solomon on Trans Youth Family Allies
Andrew Solomon gives a moving speech about human rights abuses against children in the USA.

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