Arnica - the miracle cure for bruising and swelling??

When I had some surgery done in 2010, the surgeon recommended that I take Arnica in tablet (or pillule) form before the operation and continue with it for about a week afterwards to reduce the chance of bruising and swelling.  Arnica is a homoeopathic medicine and to be quite honest, I was more than a little sceptical about it.  I read up a little on the internet about it and there were conflicting reports but nevertheless, as I tend to bruise quite easily I was willing to give it a try, so I bought some from Boots the Chemists here in the UK - for the price of just under £5 it was not exactly breaking the bank to see if it worked.
Well, after that operation I had no bruising or swelling, so when I had to have my upper teeth cleared in 2011, I tried it again - and again no bruising or swelling.
So when it was time for my FFS I of course wanted to use it again and was glad to hear that Dr. Pimentel also recommended it and for my first lot of surgeries I used it again - and again no bruising or swelling.  Unfortunately, by the time my second operations were due, I had run out of the pillules and could not find anywhere in Lima that did the pillules, but Nikky bought some Tincture of Arnica for me, but sadly this was for external usage only and not for taking before as preventative measure.
The day after my 2nd operation, sure enough, my face was quite swollen and there was bruising starting to become very apparent on both sides of my neck.  By the time I returned to my apartment, the bruising was beginning to turn black and blue and was quite obvious and horrible - so I decided to try the Tincture of Arnica on it - and within three hours, it had reduced it to the point that it was barely noticeable.
Based on my personal observations, I do recommend this product - it has worked wonders for me, and for the price, what have you got to lose.

Despite using the Tincture of Arnica for a couple of days and initially finding that it had made the bruising go away, on the second and third days it had all reappeared again, especially on the chin.  I have decided to leave off any further applications of the tincture and just let the remaining bruising come out and dissipate naturally.  It would appear that the pillule form of Arnica (which you have to ingest sub-lingually) is far more efficacious than the tincture preparation of this medicine.

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