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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Hate is taught by parents, it is not innate

I would like to repost a news item that Susie Green of Mermaids gave me permission to repost. The report made me so angry, yet at the same time, devastatingly sad

"Four days ago a Mermaids Mum was called into school to collect her daughter as she was upset. She is 12 years old. She is transgender. Another child had scribbled tranny and freak and pictures of penises all over her exercise book. A week before, a year 11 boy had walked up to her and told her that he was going to take her into the gym and beat her up and that he was allowed to do this as she was a boy not a girl. 3 days ago, another pupil took a BB gun into school and shot her. She was lucky that it didn't hit her face. Police are involved.
I don't think that I would be off the mark to point at negative publicity and anti trans rants as a factor here. Why is it acceptable to deny someone the right to be themselves? Why is it acceptable to attack someone because they are living authentically? Who else does this hurt? And why is it anyone else's business?The most recent study from WPATH shows disturbing evidence of abuse and violence against transgender people. I am both furious and immensely sad, she is 12 years old.
What is wrong with people?"

Behaviour like this is not innate, it is taught - taught by parents that it is OK to bully, ridicule and harass others who are slightly different than themselves.
Bringing a BB gun into school should result in the suspension or even expulsion of the child concerned - and whoever gave this dangerous weapon to a child and allowed them to take it to school with them - obviously the parent, so they too should be punished (probably more so than the child).
Why, I ask myself, is it not surprising that incidents of this type always increase after negative media reporting as has happened recently after the BBC2 program and the (expected) outrageous media reporting in apologies for newspapers like the Mail and the Sun. I really do despair at the actions of people who have no knowledge and who do not wish to avail themselves of knowledge but willingly take in all the hate that they are spoonfed by the likes of Paul Dacre and Murdock.

 Those who espouse and promulgate hate and misunderstanding and who have absolutely no idea or experience of being trans need to be held to account over the resultant hate crimes that follow on from their own small minded and petty hatred of anything or anybody who is different to themselves.

Just one question "How would you react if this was your child that this had happened to"?