Sunday, 21 April 2013

Party time - again

Must be Spring at last - all these parties I have been invited to.  Caught on camera last night with a friend with my friend from Bradford (Yazz).
Lovely to meet you again Yazz

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Night off, night out

Had a night out last night to meet up with some friends and have a night off and a night out away from campaigning for transgender rights, online forum duties and other stuff that I am involved with such as the Independent Advisory Group working with our local police authority.

Sometimes it is just good to get away and let your hair down (difficult in my case as I have short hair lol) and get some freshness and sanity back into your life.

So, sorry for the slightly blurry picture (taken by a friend on a mobile phone), but it does show that I am not always the serious grumpy person that I might depict myself to be occasionally here, but shows  me in party mood, having a great evening out.

Wonder why people never believe me when I tell that that I am actually a painfully shy person.

Thank you Kelly for the invite to your party, it was much appreciated - oh to be 40 once again. xxx