My FFS in Lima, Peru

Destination Femilife Peru

I have been considering facial surgery for many years but it was only after I joined the Gender Society that I came across much more information about it and realised that various surgeons specialised in Facial Feminization Surgery (otherwise known as FFS).  After talking to Layla about it (she was a huge source of information, so my grateful thanks to Layla) I realised that there was one place that performed these  surgeries that was within my price budget - the only drawback was that this was in Lima Peru, and with my fear of flying this would be a major hurdle for me to overcome.
Nevertheless, I contacted Femilife and received my quotation - and although it was slightly higher than I expected (due to the surgeries having to be done in two stages because of my age) and also necessitated a 7 week stay in Peru rather than the one month I had anticipated, it was still within my budget so with a great deal of trepidation I booked it.
The next stage was getting a new passport (about 2 months prior to departure), searching for the best flight and booking these followed by getting some new suitcases (god bless Ebay) and some new summer clothes (difficult in mid November) and summer sandals.  About a month before departure I started getting a ‘packing list’ written out as there is nothing worse than finding out you have forgotten something once you get there - and then Christmas was upon us and I had to concentrate on that and put my planning for the trip on the back burner.
After Christmas and New Year, the final payments were made for my accommodation and the surgery, I booked and received my travellers cheques and that was everything done except for packing which I will leave until the day of departure.
I have just been notified by Nikky that because her bank has charged her commission on payments I have made, I now have to pay an extra $165 (3 x $55) or an extra £110 to cover her charges - on top of all the wire fees I have also paid out to get the money transferred to her at her insistence that everything is paid before I leave the UK.  Not very happy about that I can tell you and doesn't bode well.

Tues 10th Jan (T -6 days)
My friend cut and styled the temp cheap wig that I had bought for Peru, as I will not be able to wash my hair for a few days afterwards and I should imagine blow drying it will be a definite no-no.  Should be easy to maintain now it has been cut. Also collected the cheap camera which I will be taking with me.

Wed 11th Jan (T -5 days)
Well, today did a pile of washing and ironing of some of the things that I will be packing - and at last the nerves are starting to kick in and the butterflies are starting to flutter.  Finalised my packing list which I started a couple of weeks ago - and which I have been adding to as the days passed by. 

Thurs 12 Jan (T -4 days)
Went and got some more cash in US Dollars so that I can pay Nikky the final amounts and also the cost for the extra time I will be staying for in the apartment.

Fri 13th Jan (T -3 days)

Just finished a trial packing in readiness for Peru - and discovered that I will need to use the largest case after all.  It was almost there, then I noticed that I hadn't packed my shoes, my makeup, my hairdryer and quite a bit of other stuff.  Why, oh why do we women need to take so much stuff with us lol 

Sat 14th Jan (T -2 days)
Last minute panic last night when Nikky emailed me about the arrangements for collecting me from the airport and said that the chauffeur would collect me on Sunday evening (I was scheduled to arrive on Monday evening).  A couple of hurried emails sorted that out though.
Getting quite jittery now though, butterflies are definitely in aerobatic mode when I think about it.
Oh, and the fab dress (see right) I ordered off Ebay finally arrived - just one day before I depart.  That was a close call

Sunday 15th Jan (T- 15 hours)
Most of everything was packed last night, all I need to do now is finalise the packing with some of the stuff I needed this morning (toothbrushes etc).  Then order my taxi to take me to the coach station tonight.
That's it now - in 3½ hours time I will begin this epic adventure.  I tried to get a bit of sleep earlier, but failed miserably, far too excited to sleep.  I think I will need to have another vacation after all this is done - just to catch up on my sleep.

Mon 16th Jan (7:15am - Lima Time)
Well that was some 48 hours. 
I arrived at Heathrow Airport courtesy of the most detoured coach trip ever - no wonder it took 5½ hours.  Bought some perfume in the duty free shop (my personal favourite - Anais Anais).  Then took my seat next to the window.  The flight was delayed for 30 mins because of ice on the wings - which didn't do my nerves any good whatsoever (anybody remember the Munich air disaster back in 1958 also caused by ice on the wings), but eventually we started to move.  It seemed like London rush hour had hit Heathrow - planes were lining up on the runway to take off, what seemed like seconds apart, but eventually it was our turn.
By now, panic stations were setting in - especially when the pilot revved up the engines to full blast - and then released the brakes.  The plane took off down the runway as if it had been fired out of a bow - but seconds later the bumping and banging died away as we soared off into the sunrise over Heathrow.
I don't know what I was so scared of to be honest - I utterly loved the experience - especially the banking and climbing - it was exhilarating.
We landed in a very wet and dismal Madrid a couple of hours later where I transferred to the satellite 4s Terminal via their rather lovely underground shuttle train service and then boarded my LAN Airways flight direct from Madrid to Lima.
Two things that did amaze me during the long and monotonous flight were
       1.  The vastness of the Atlantic Ocean - I was trying to visualise how many bathfulls of water it would hold - a bit silly I know, but senseless facts often intrigue me
       2.   The vastness of the Amazonian rain forest - we flew for something like 4 hours over just greenery and zig-zagging rivers, no roads (or even tracks) were to be seen, nor any signs of habitation - just pure wilderness.
Thank you plane for the safe flight
After a safe landing at Lima International Airport, I was passed through their rigorous screening process and after what seemed an interminable wait was finally reunited with my luggage (at least it didn't end up in Sydney).  Signor Carlos came to pick me up at the airport and drove me to the apartment where Nikky was waiting for my arrival

Tues 17th Jan (22:30 - Lima Time)
Another packed day
Nikky arrived to pick me up for my appointments at 8:40am and first we went to a clinic where they took blood samples, urine samples, did an ECG and finally a chest X-Ray.  From there we went to another clinic where they did a CAT (Computerised Axial Tomography) scan of my head - which was an interesting experience, not painful in the slightest and from there we met up with Sophie, who is a US TG who is undergoing her FFS at Femilife.
As a treat, Nikki took us down to a beautiful shopping complex situated just above the beach at Miraflores where we enjoyed a lovely meal of Peruvian foods washed down with a small glass of the exceeding potent local drink called Pisco Sour - a fruit juice based cocktail with a kick like a donkeys.

Nikky Sanchez and me 
In the evening I had my appointment with Dr. Pimentel - everything was fine except for the fact he wanted me to undergo a stress test for cardio because of my age.  That should be done tomorrow as Nikky will arrange it for then.
Larcomar Shopping Precinct

Wed 18th Jan (08:45 - Lima Time)
Nikky has just phoned to tell me that my appointment for the stress test cannot be done until Friday which will mean my first surgery will delayed until at least Tuesday.  I am not very happy about that as there is no way I can delay my departure date - and all these delays are eating into my recovery time at the end.

Click to see larger version
Anyhow, went out shopping fairly early on this morning to get some essentials - and after I got back had some breakfast and then decided to walk down to the shopping centre which we had visited yesterday so that I could spend a lot more time just browsing the shops looking at all the nice jewellery and clothes.
In the afternoon, Nikky had arranged for Sophie and myself to go on one of the open top bus sight seeing tours of the city - which proved to be extremely satisfying as it also included a stop at the pre-inca site which they are uncovering at this moment in Lima, and also included a 1½ hour stop at the Museum displaying artefacts from pre-Inca times right though to the Spanish conquest of Peru.

Thurs 19th Jan (22:45 - Lima Time)
Today was mostly a free day so I went out shopping this morning and also managed to change some of my travellers cheques at last so I am solvent again for a while.  In the early evening Nikky called round to take me to the clinic where they will be doing my face peel via CO2 laser.  After a long discussion it was agreed that it would be better to start the whole FFS procedure with the laser treatment provided this was agreeable with Dr. Pimentel.  After another long discussion between Nikky and the owner of the clinic, they also decided to give me another treatment called Platelet Rejuvenation (or PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy), now everything hinges on whether I can pass the cardio stress test tomorrow morning.

Fri 20th Jan (10:35 - Lima Time)
Up bright and early at 5:30am to have a shower, do my hair etc and get ready for Nikky calling round at 7:30am.  I went downstairs at about 7:25am and waited for her to arrive.  We went to the Swiss Clinic again where we had to wait a fair while before everything was ready for my test.  It was being conducted by the older doctor and his assistant.  I half expected having to jog and Nikky said the test took around 25 mins so I was just hopeful that I would be able to achieve this as I haven't been on the treadmill for 6 months because of my frozen shoulder.
I am really glad of all the gym work I have done over the past 3 years as the test was really a breeze, I didn't even break sweat, never mind feel short of breath.  I could tell from the doctors expressions and those of his assistant that they were amazed at how fit I was (for my age).
Nikky picked me up at lunchtime and we went to see Sophie at the clinic where they actually do the operations - so it will be nice to see that and see that Sophie has made it through without any problems.  Nikky took Sophie a magnificent bouquet of flowers and the cutest teddy in its own 'Femilife' little jacket.

Beautiful bouquet for Sophie
Sophie had weathered the storm and was sitting up in bed, head and face swathed in bandages but was in remarkably good spirits considering the 7 hour operation she had just been through and was even managing the odd joke or two - mainly about Pisco Sour.  We bade her farewell so that she could get a little more rest and because of my need to stay indoors for a couple of days after my skin peel, Nikky and I were dropped off at the supermarket so I could buy in a few more provisions.
Nikky picked me up later at 5pm and we went to the clinic.  A young female technician thoroughly cleansed my skin (it was clean to start with, honestly) with a special bacterial agent and then applied a numbing cream.  The doctor who was doing the treatment came in and spoke to me in English - well at least he tried bless him, as he prepared the equipment, I asked the young technician if it was painful - and her reply of "Si" was at least honest.  It did hurt - like a thousand bees all stinging you at once and there was this awful smell of burning flesh (whic with hindsight was probably the fine hairs on my face being fried).  I quelled my panic and let him get on with as work with as few jerks of the body and head as possible.  I was pleased to find that he wasn't only doing my face, but extended the area he treated to my neck and the front of my chest, down to my boob line.
My face felt as if it was on fire and very swollen, but when I looked in my mirror I was relieved to see it was only slightly red and puffy.
Nikky collected me from the clinic and she said that she would drop my medications, which the doctor had prescribed for my face, off to me later once she had been to see Sophie - which I thought was a lovely gesture that she wasn't just neglecting her clients once they had had their surgery.

Sat 21st Jan (12:00 - Lima Time)
I am still waking up fairly early (about 5am Lima time - which is about 10am UK time) and this morning was no different - except that my face felt very tight, but not as painful as I imagined that it would be.  My skin though does not feel like skin any more, more like a fine sandpaper in texture , but I presume this is the dead skin and the newly formed skin will make its appearance once this this top epidermis has been shed.  I have to stay indoors for a couple of days now as getting any sunlight on my face at this moment could be extremely detrimental to how the skin recovers.  So even though I am indoors with the shades drawn down, I am still using the sun block which the doctor prescribed.

Tues 24th Jan (06:00 - Lima Time)
Well, after a couple of days of enforced inactivity because of my laser skin peel, the morning of my first surgery has finally arrived.  Up early again - but this time with a purpose as I am on a no solids or liquids regime from 6 am this morning as my surgery is scheduled for 3:00 pm this afternoon.  Dr. Pimentel will be concentrating on the bone modifications this afternoon and so will be doing the hairline, forehead, supra-orbital ridges, the eyes, the rhinoplasty and the lifting of the top lip.  He felt that I didn't need any modifications to my chin or jawline - or need a tracheal shave either, which is good news for me.
Clinic where they do the
FFS surgeries
Nikky called to collect me at just after 1pm and took me down to the Clinic.  We had to wait a short while whilst the filled in various forms and checked my passport, then I was admitted to my room - which was a double room, but would only be occupied by myself.
Dr. Pimentel popped in for  few minutes and said I would be going into theatre at 3pm
At about 5 to 3 they wheeled in a bed and took me down to theatre,  Nikky came down with me as far as the theatre to make sure that I was ok.  Once in theatre they
transferred me from the bed to the table where they would perform the operation.  The anaesthetist introduced himself and went through the usual stuff that they do. inserting the cannula etc and then cold feeling slowly crept up my arm - and then I was asleep.
I came round in recovery at around 9pm, so I was probably being operated on for around 5½ to 6 hours.  They brought me back to my room where I drifted in and out of sleep until the next morning

Wed 25th Jan (10:15 - Lima Time)
I dozed fitfully until the came to take me to the loo and have a wash at around 7 am and then they brought me some breakfast at 8 am.  The bandaging round my head had actually come off earlier, but the nurse redid it - but she did it far too tight, making my head more sore that it was before so I managed to convey to her that it was too tight so she slackened it off for me.
Now it is just a matter of waiting - I think Nikky will be round this afternoon so she might also bring Sophie as she is due in to have the remainder of her bandages removed - and if the new girl has actually landed she might bring Sarah with her as well.

Thurs 26th Jan (10:15 - Lima Time)
Well, the rest of yesterday was a bit of a wash out, I couldn't concentrate on anything for more that 5 mins and I felt a little spaced out - I suppose it was a mixture of reaction to the operation and also the antibiotics and pain killers they were pumping into my system.
Things were a bit better this morning and I feel more like me - especially as I sneaked into the shower before the nurse was able to stop me like she did yesterday.  Chatted to Layla for about 3½ hours this morning on MSN and that was so good to chat to somebody from back home.
Oh, and if you decide to come to Femilife  for your FFS, remember to bring your laptop or notebook with you, then you can access Google Translate - here you can input a question in English and it will appear in an adjacent window in Spanish (you can also play it to hear what it sounds like) - you can also switch windows so the nurse can type in her questions in Spanish and they will appear in English for you.   Everybody here seems to like it it as it means we can at least communicate.
Nikky should be arriving at about 2 pm to collect me - after Sarah has been taken to the Swiss clinic for her tests this morning and for her CAT scan.
Dr. Pimentel came round at about noon and removed the bandaging and also the swabs from my nostrils - it was great to be able to breathe through my nose again.  My head looks a mess at the moment, but no doubt once the stitches have been removed and the scar line starts to fade it will be OK - but at the moment it looks a bit like something out of a Frankenstein movie.  Nikky called in just as Dr P was finishing off and then we were away.  She whisked me down to her hairdressers where they gently washed away the dried blood and gore from my head and gently dried it into some semblance of a style - but not like I would have done it - and if you're reading this Barb, even I could make a better job of it - but I suppose she had to be gentle as she didn't want to risk opening up any of the stitches.  Nikky also bought Sophie and myself some straw hats to protect us from the sun when we are able to go out and then Sophie came down to check how I was feeling so we had a good old natter for an hour or so.
I'm looking forward to seeing Sarah, another girl from the UK who arrived last night, but unfortunately she is in another block of apartments on the Larco, so it might be a little more awkward to meet her.
The treatment we are getting from Femilife really is top notch and goes way beyond what any other clinic is offering at this moment in time in terms of personal service by the management team.  Other clinics could well learn a thing or two from what is being offered in Peru.

Interim report before my next set of procedures
Over the intervening 3 weeks most of the stitches have been removed and the scar line on my forehead is fading rapidly - and is now just slightly pinker than the surrounding skin area.  The same is also true for the faint scar just underneath my nostrils (the bit that divides the nostrils into two) where it was cut to allow the upper lip to be lifted.  The nose is just slightly swollen, but has never been really bad - and I have had absolutely no bruising whatsoever, which I put down to taking Arnica pillules  before surgery started and which I have been taking every day since (as an after treatment to the first surgeries and also as a lead up to my second surgery).
In the meantime I have decided to have some dentistry work done whilst I am here in Peru and you can find the page devoted to that here.
It has been confirmed that my second lot of surgeries (the lower and middle face lifts and the cheek implants) will take place on Monday the 13th February and this page will continue with updates on those procedures.

Fri 10th Feb
I went to the clinic with Nikky to have the remainder my stitches removed and after waiting a while Nikky received a phone call from Dr. Pimentel that he had been called away to an emergency, so we all trooped home again.  He phoned whilst we were in the car to say that he would call round to my apartment the following day to remove them.

Sat 11th Feb 
Went to the dentist's to have my fitting in the morning and then went back to my apartment to wait for Dr. Pimentel's visit - and waited, and waited ................ and waited.  At 6 pm I phoned Nikky and she said she was coming round to see me as Dr. Pimentel had been called away to yet another emergency in another city and because of this, not only was the final removal of the stitches postponed, my surgery had been put back yet another day.
I was not very pleased about this, to say the least.  Common courtesy would have been to inform us (both Sarah and myself) so that we could go out if we wished to instead of being cooped up in our rooms waiting.
This is the second time that my surgery has been put back, the first time was because he wanted extra tests doing (delayed by about 5 days for that one).  I am finding these delays quite upsetting as they are all eating into my planned recovery time at the end of my stay here when I should be healing so that when I start my weddings when I return to the UK there will be minimal amount of scarring visible.  This was the only reason why I had paid for the extra 13 days accommodation after 40 days were finished - and to go to Michu Picchu if I felt well enough.  Now this has been shortened to just a week because of the delays.

Tuesday 14th Feb 
What a day to spend Valentine's day.  After a day of comedy of errors Nikky called to pick me up for my final bout of surgeries at around 4pm and off to the Clinica Los Andes.  We waited there for what seemed a long time, but probably not as long as it seemed, before I was shown up to my room, a private twin bedded room with me the only occupant. A doctor called in to take some readings - blood pressure and listened to my chest (don't know what it said though), and then a nurse came in to wrap my legs in bandages and after a short wait, two more nurses came in to transfer me onto the trolley and away we went to theatre.  Nikky came down with me to give me last minute support and then we were in the theatre.  It was a different anaesthetist this time as Dr. Pimentel informed me that they were going to do the surgeries under a local anaesthetic this time - I don't think they would have liked the results of of a blood pressure reading at that point in time, but after inserting the cannula I soon drifted into a very drowsy state but at the same I was aware of everything that was going on around me.  I was awake through all of it and although Dr. Pimentel had said he would be giving me some instructions throughout the cheek implants (swallow, smile etc) I suppose in order to get the positioning exactly right, I don't know if he did or not as I don't remember much except talking to him every now and again, but what I said I simply haven't a clue - just hope I wasn't rude to him.  I remember that there was no pain from what he was doing though, for the cheek implants.
I must admit that I did feel some pain during the two face lifts though (my neck and face), but to be honest, I had experienced far worse pain from some of the electrolysis treatments which I had had many years ago.  It was never bad enough to ask him to stop.  I vaguely remember him saying that it was all done and then I was wheeled out into the recovery room.  I went in at 6pm and as I was wheeled through the doors to recovery, I noticed that the clock now said it was 10pm, but it felt to me as if I had only been in there for about 30 minutes.
My private room
After I had been in recovery for what seemed to me about 30 mins (but based on my previous estimate for the duration of the operation it could have been 5 minutes or 4 hours) I was taken back to my room.  I remember being so thirsty (I hadn't had anything to drink for about 30 hours by that time) and at first the nurses said no as they were frightened that I would be sick - but with the help of Google Translate, I was able to convince them that I should be fine, so they allowed me a small amount (about 30mls) but at least it enabled me to feel that my mouth was no longer like the Sahara Desert.
After that I slept on and off the rest of the night.

Wednesday 15th Feb 
Still no real pain, although I don't know if that was because they had introduced pain killers into my Dextrose drip or not, just a feeling of tightness in my face, neck and head, but when I looked in the mirror my face was terribly swollen and there was bruising starting to show down each side of my neck.  I put this down to the fact that I had run out of Arnica pillules the week before and therefore I was not getting the benefits of Arnica.  Nikky had managed to get me some Tincture of Arnica, but this was for external use only and it stated quite categorically that it should not be ingested, so I hadn't taken any (but more about that later).
I had breakfast at about 7:30 am and then Dr. Pimentel came by at around 8 am to check how I was and after a thorough examination he removed my bandages and replaced them with surgical tape to hold everything in position as it healed.  He said that I was well enough to go back to my apartment and that he would arrange with Nikki to call round to collect me at sometime after 10:30 pm and after he left a nurse came in and gave me a bed bath - first time I had ever had one of those quite a novel experience and good job I am not that shy LOL.
Nikky came to collect me at about 10:45am only to discover that nobody could find my top denture - after about an hours search it was found that that the anaesthetist had somehow managed to take my denture with her last night so I told Nikky that she could collect it the following day when she went in with another patient who was having her surgery tomorrow.  Dr. Pimentel had earlier told me that I should not wear the denture until he examines me on Friday as he didn't want the denture to rub against the incisions in my gums and open them up again, so not having the denture there and then wasn't really important.
When I got back to the apartment I noticed that the bruising had become a lot worse and the sides of my neck were turning quite black and blue, so I decided to try some of the Tincture of Arnica that Nikky had bought me on the bruised areas - and within a couple of hours, it was almost completely gone.  For anybody who has to undergo surgery, I do thoroughly recommend this stuff - I prefer the pillules (concentration 6c) as this prevents bruising and swelling in the first place, but if that cannot be had, then the tincture works extremely well on the bruising afterwards.  I will write another page about this which you will be able to access here.
Looking at my face now it is difficult to judge as it is still covered by the surgical tape, but there is a tremendous improvement in the two very deep wrinkles that ran down from outside of my nose down to the corners of my mouth and beyond.  If my neck is anything to go by (which is fabulous now - no wrinkles there at all, it has taken years and years off my neck) I am going to be thrilled with my face after all the tape has been removed.

Thursday 16th Feb 
Not much happened today as I couldn't really go anywhere as Dr. Pimentel had told me not to wear my denture until he had seen me tomorrow and although I don't mind going out with my face taped up, I draw the line at going out without my teeth in.  The bruises are back though, so I have decided to leave off applying the Tincture of Arnica as it just doesn't appear to be working as well as the tablet form that you actually ingest - and just leave the bruising to come out of its own accord.

Friday 17th Feb 
Nikky called to collect me this morning at 12:30 to take me for my first review of the face and neck lifts and the cheek implants.  Everything is going well according to Dr. Pimentel and apart from the occasional headache (which is only to be expected) I feel fine.  Ordinary ibuprofen tablets are quite sufficient to deal with this I have found.
My face feels very tight, but that is no doubt down to both the stretching of the skin that has been done and also the surgical tape which is there to prevent the skin from stretching at the incisions.  My neck also feels tight, and, apart from the bruising, looks so different than it did before - nice tight skin instead of the tortoise neck that I had before the procedure.  I am now starting to wonder what all my friends back in the UK will make of all the changes, at least I have seen the changes gradually over almost 5 weeks since I have been here.  I hope it will not be such a shock to them to see the new more rejuvenated me.  Perhaps they won't even recognise me.
The only downside was that on inspection of the denture in my mouth, Dr. Pimentel found that it did indeed rub over the incisions he had made and therefore told me that I had to go without it to prevent it opening up the incision in my mouth.  Oh well, soup and pureéd food for another 5 days then.  I wonder what baby food tastes like LOL.
We also discussed my dental treatments and he said it should be fine to start on doing all the preparatory work for my crowns, but no way would he allow me to have any further fitting work done wth the new denture.  He wrote a note to the dentist which he gave to Nikky explaining what work would be allowed and Nikky is going to liaise with Dr. Cueva about a revised treatment plan.
Nikky called round to my apartment in the evening to let me know that she had arranged for my treatments with Dr. Cueva for my crowns to start on Monday afternoon at 4:30pm.  It will take about 2 hours to drill all the teeth down to the shape he wants to make in order to fit the crowns and will (hopefully) create temporary ones whilst the actual crowns are being made.  That will be one visit I will definitely not be looking forward to!!
At least everything looks as if it will be done in time to allow me just a short recovery time before my flight back to the UK in March.  Can't believe that I have been here almost 5 weeks now.

Wednesday 22nd Feb 
Nikky came to collect me at 12:30 to take me to see Dr. Pimentel in his new offices.  His receptionist is a lovely girl called Meah (I think that's what Nikky called her) and she took me into the examination room and got me ready for Dr. Pimentel to come and have a look.  He was pleased with how it was all healing, but explained that he would only be removing a few of the stitches this time and although he took many out, there are still a lot remaining ( I wonder just how many I had in there lol).  He also examined the interior of my mouth and again told me not to wear the upper denture as it hadn't completely healed yet and said that it would probably be another week (I will be running out of soft food options by then).  I also discussed with him my worries about not having had the tracheal shave, but he took some photographs to reassure me that it was fine and fell well within the acceptable range for females and that it really wasn't necessary to have one.
I also discussed my nose with him as, although I am very pleased with the new shape, I felt it was broader than it used to be, but he explained that there was a hardness inside at the moment, that once dissipated would mean that the shape would alter making it a lot narrower at the sides and the tip and that this was normal at this stage of the healing/recovery.
So now just have to wait until Friday or Saturday to restart the fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing work.

..............................(to be continued)


  1. Do you happen know what type of cheek implants Dr. Pimentel used; silicone or medpor? Thanks.

  2. He tends to use the Medpor implants unless you ask for the silicone ones - he used the Silimed products a few years ago, but whether he still uses this product now I am not sure, you would have to ask Nikky this.

  3. Hi
    Thank you for your excellent reporting. I plan on FFS with Dr. Pimentel
    in January 2013, I won't know the exact date until August that's the earliest for next year bookings.
    Do you have any particular wisdom on which apartments Nikky uses are better than others?

  4. They are cheap and cheerful, they were not to some people's taste, but I found them to be OK for the duration of my stay. I was out exploring Lima most days and once you are asleep you are not aware of your surroundings LOL. If you want to live in Hotel Marriot style, then maybe you will be disappointed, but I found mine more than adequate.
    Nikki uses various apartment blocks which are scattered round the Miraflores district of Lima - but the are all owned by one company and are pretty much similar in standard.
    Good luck, I am sure you will be thrilled with your results
    Carol xx

  5. hi carol!!You look so happy!its like you born much did it cost you...?

  6. Yes, I feel fine - just a little disappointed with Femilife right now though, see




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