Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Further thoughts on Lucy's tragic death

I have read much about the incidents occurring in Lucy's life from the beginnings of her transition to the tragic end.  Arguments rage, the press is trying to do a whitewash job and accusing us of using Lucy's death solely as a propaganda tool.  There is even dissent within the trans community, one transvestite saying the article wasn't that bad and being supported in her views by somebody I once had great respect for.  Another gender queer person has blamed it on the RLE (Real Life Experience).   However I don't think the RLE argument holds water as Lucy had good support from her head, the school governors and from the rest of her colleagues. She was also loved by all her pupils by most accounts of what I have read.  She was doing a job that she obviously loved doing and she was finally on the verge of becoming the person that she had always believed that she was - so  why would she do this??

Yes, she had had ideation of suicide in the past from other articles that I have read - I think most of us have been there before transition, the thought that we might have to fight this thing for ever, to always live a lie. For most of us transition is a release from that prison, that hell that existed before.

However, the pressure escalated after the Daily Mail mocked her existence (by the incessant use of wrong names and wrong pronouns they delighted in rubbing that salt into the wounds, by inferring that she was not fit to teach young children, that she would be a danger to them - and, like I have said previously in other online forums, by publishing the Jimmy Saville piece within the same article - and hence guilt by association). She was then weakened and exhausted after 3 months of dodging the press parked outside her house and the school and the information as to what the press was doing was being relayed to her.  Studies have also shown that negative media exposure of this type can result in depression and increased risk of suicide.

People when they are exhausted can do silly things (like leaving a gas fire on unlit, or leaving something on the stove which can boil over whilst she fell asleep from sheer exhaustion, extinguishing the flame and the gas still keeps pouring out - exhaustion can also do funny things, like taking too many tablets for instance)........... or, it could be, that in the end she had simply had enough and took her own life as the only means of peace that she thought she could find.  It might even be that we will never know for certain what happened on that awful day.

I know at least three teachers of primary school aged children and two secondary school teachers who have transitioned at their schools and did not have a problem whatsoever, but they were not outed to the media in such a savage way and did not have the gutter press parked on their doorstep for months on end.

It was not the RLE that caused this, she could have coped with that as she had support all around her. It was something far more malicious that either caused an accidental death or made her so exhausted that she did, indeed, take her own life.

Samaritans is a UK nationwide helpline that can help in times of distress - call 08457 90 90 90 or email jo@samaritans.org if you want to talk about any problems that you are experiencing.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tribute to Lucy

In memory of a courageous young woman who was so persecuted by some organs of the British Media that she felt her life no longer had any meaning.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Another young woman loses her life because of hate

RIP Lucy Meadows, the young schoolteacher from Accrington who was recently monstered by Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail and other rags, was found dead by police on Tuesday in what many suspect was suicide.
Transphobia kills and the rags are full of it again - almost rejoicing in the news that their stories may have been responsible for her taking her own life.  

My heartfelt sympathy and condolences go out to her family, friends and the pupils that she taught at her school.

Don't these sick journalist have one shred of remorse for what they do??

A more reasoned comment appears in the Liberal Conspiracy here.

There was also a legal advisor to Trans Media Watch who spoke tonight on BBC Radio 4 about it which you can access here.  The interview with David Allen Green starts at 25mins and 20 seconds into the program if you wish to skip the other items.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How is your voice??

How is your voice???
For many male to female transsexuals this seems to be the stumbling block to passing.  The number of times I have heard something like
"Oh, I seem to pass reasonably well - until I open my mouth and speak" or similar phrases.
I don't know what is with trans women and voice, but many just seem to give up at that point as if it is impossible to achieve a reasonable voice which will not give rise to immediate doubts and double looks.

Read more about this in my 'Voice Therapy' page which you can access here.