Monday, 14 April 2014

Transfigurations Forums

After a lot of work setting up the original forums I soon found that they were attracting a huge number of spammers - so in the end I took them down and after a lot of research I found some alternative software that was highly recommended.  I am pleased to say that this new software seems to have done the trick and no spammers have registered on the site since it was created.

We have special sections for:-
  1. The partners of transgender people (sometimes referred to as Significant Others - SO's) which is restricted to partners only, so it is a safe place for you to get support from other partners who have been through this.
  2. The parents of transgender children and transgender youth because we realise that it is an emotionally draining time for you too - and you deserve some help and support to get you through this.
  3. A forum which is restricted to transgender children and youth and their parents.  There are many safeguards in place in this forum to protect the children.
I hope that you will take a few seconds to have a look over the forums - but you can only see the top level forum as a guest, you will have to register if you wish to view all of the trans forums.

The forums can be accessed from the web site (Transfigurations) via the links buttons on every page - or you can go to the forums directly from here.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


The group that I have been running for transgender people in the South Devon area has now got its own web site and online forums.
Although the meeting place for face to face meetings with other trans individuals is really only appropriate for people living in the South Devon area, the website is open to everybody and the forums can be accessed by trans people from all over the UK and beyond.
Have a look and let me know what you think
To visit, just click on Transfigurations link