Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Had my PRP Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Today

Nikky called to collect me at noon and took me to Medi Esthetic where I would have my PRP treatment.  Unfortunately I had to wait awhile until things were available for me to begin the treatment.  First I was escorted to a reasonably sized room and after removing my jewellery was asked to lie down on the treatment table for the technician to take my blood.  DOH!!! The poor lass couldn't find a vein (which is not unusual, I have been black and blue in the past when I have had to give blood samples as my veins lie quite deep  and everybody has difficulty taking samples).  After one attempt she gave up as she didn't want to do any damage and took me out from the clinic to another clinic specialising in blood tests, and a nice guy looked at my arms, laughed and nodded his head.  However, after a few minutes of tapping and hand clenching he did find one and managed to get enough blood out of me for the treatment.

After arrival back in the Medi Esthetic, I was taken back to the room and lay down for a while until another young girl entered and proceeded to apply an anaesthetic lotion to my face in the areas which were to be treated.  I then waited for about a further 10 mins for the lotion to take effect and another young girl came in to actually give the injections of my platelets back into my face.  Was it painful??  No not really, unpleasant in some areas (and nowhere near what I feared it would be on my top lip) but completely OK in other areas.  I have certainly experienced far worse sessions of electrolysis.  I did feel very swollen though afterwards but she returned and proceeded to dab my face with something which cooled my face down very quickly and that was that - the treatment was finished and I was free to go.

I called Nikky and she returned about 15 or 20 minutes later to collect me and take me back to my apartment.  After about an hour back in the apartment, I did feel my face stinging a little (no doubt as the facial anaesthetic started to wear off), but nothing too painful and I didn't even need any painkillers to control it.

For a fuller explanation about what PRP Rejuvenation Therapy is, please see my separate page on this topic here.

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