Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Male violence against women

Last Saturday evening (2nd November) some people were out celebrating Halloween when an altercation took place in a restaurant in the small rural town of Totnes.  This resulted in a guy who stands about 6'6" tall, muscular and probably weighing around 18-19 stone punching a young girl in the face.  Her friends tried to argue with the man and a bystander in the food grill started to video the scene, which you can see below:-

The blonde girl, in frustration attempts to kick the thug who punched her friend, and ends up getting thumped by the man, after recovering she then attempts to punch him (misses) and the guy then punches her in the face so strongly that she is knocked back and through some security glass.
Yes, she was wrong in trying to kick him, but does that give leeway for the guy who stands over a foot taller than her and probably twice her weight and strength to punch her in the face in the way that he did.
The comments below the video I found to be appalling and implied that if we want equality, this is what we are in for.  This is not about equality, this is about human decency.  Discounting the fact that (on average) women do not have the same muscle strength as men, this fight would have been wrong even if it had been "man" on "man". 
The comments were practically gloating over the incident and shows the utter contempt and misogyny that some men hold towards women.  No wonder domestic abuse and violence towards women is on the increase when some men think  it is perfectly acceptable to behave in this way.  They see it as a means of fighting back against feminism - which just goes to explain that they have absolutely no idea of what feminism is about.  Feminism is about equality. Perhaps they realise that their white, cis-gendered male privilege is under real threat and this is their only way of standing up to it.
Subsequent to the above video - another one was released which glorified this thug's physical abuse of his victim - and yes, the comments below the video again try to justify the abuse in the name of "equality".

According to a news report in the Daily Telegraph, a 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage, and subsequently bailed, following an incident at Totnes Grill last weekend.


  1. Came across this interesting analysis. So what do you think a guy should do if charged at by a woman in this situation? There probably was alchohol involved.
    Obviously he should not respond with extreme violence,But he can't just take a punch or kick and do nothing. I guess it comes down to what is self defense versus extreme violent retaliation.
    Luckily most women don't have the nature to start a physical fight, and most men would not dare hit a smaller defenseless woman.

    1. Because of his much longer reach, he could have simply held her off, her attempts at hitting him would have simply not reached him. He could then have asked her friends to restrain her and warned them of possible consequences if they did not.
      However, the guy moved from a position of relative safety (from behind the glass door at the beginning of the video) into a position where he was inviting a confrontation - so I suspect that he was really up for attacking another person and just wanted an excuse for doing so.

  2. Carol, this is simple. The girl punched him because she probably thought he wouldn't hit her back and therefore she has a free license to do what she wants as a girl without any fear of response. Well, frankly I'm glad he didn't get away with it. The girl clearly kicks and punches him first, why should he do nothing back? It is her own fault she is choosing to be violent to another human who is much bigger than her, we can't blame the guy for being bigger than her, this fa t isn't his fault. Facts are - a human punched another human and the other human fought back. Anybody who commits violent acts against another human should not be surprised or qualify as a victim if the other human reacts in the same way and is more successful than the original perpetrator. End of story.


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