Thursday, 15 November 2012

Transgender Day of Remembrance - 20th November 2012

Quote (from Trans: The Movie)
"Horrid things happen to us, we do not make it up"

Remembering those who had horrible things happen to them where they paid with their lives just for having the courage to be themselves
The photo on the left is an old friend of mine who died by being pushed off the platform in front of an incoming train on the London underground

Sonia died 25 October 2010, but is still remembered.
Please visit the link below for a list of people who were known to have died this year as a result of transphobia

What is so sad is that other than the senseless loss of live, these people never  had the chance to become the whole person that they knew themselves to be.  Even in the UK and despite our equality laws giving transgender people protection from dismissal on grounds of gender identity, the lack of employment opportunities for transgender people is huge and many are forced into the sex trade in order to put food in their stomachs and a roof over their head.  Their families and friends have frequently disowned them and quite often as a result of their gender dysphoria during their school years, many lack a good education.
It is quite easy to dismiss the brutality and violence as a case of "well they deserved it, going into the sex trade and not having had an GRS", but for many who are so desperate for surgery, this is their only means of getting together enough money to be able to afford it - especially in countries that do not have access to free health care.  How many other prostitutes are murdered so brutally - often shot, not just once, but multiple times, the victims are often burned and their bodies mutilated by frenzied knife wounds.
So, on 20th November each year, events are held around the world where transgender people, their families and their allies can come together to remember those that have died that year (and in the years before) due to ignorance and hatred of us.
To date the latest figures from the Transrespect web site show that 267 murders of transgender people (almost 100% transwomen) have taken place since the last TDoR, the vast majority in the central American belt and in South America - although 15 of them (6%) have taken place in the country that proclaims itself as being the home of democracy and freedom - the USA (see here for the list of names and full details of their murders).


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend, Carol. The sad thing is I was talking to a friend recently, she lost her friend, Andrea, in Brighton in 2009. TDOR is for them. May they be remembered, and rest in peace.

  2. Thank you Rebecca - and my condolences to your friend as well.
    It is important that we remember those who have lost their lives to hatred and bigotry - simply for trying to live our lives as themselves.
    Very often those that have lost their lives no longer have family or friends to remember them as many would have been disowned when they told friends and family about themselves, so it is important that we, as a group, remember them.
    Thank you for your comment
    Carol xx


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