Thursday, 22 March 2012

Comments from closest friends

Went out for lunch today with my two closest friends and as promised, they gave me their honest appraisal of the results of my surgeries.
They were both absolutely amazed and so pleased for me, especially the results from the face/neck lifts and the difference to my eyes, both of them loving the look which the surgeries had given me, saying I looked so much fresher and younger.  I didn't ask them if it made me look more feminine - it was not the sort of question to ask in a crowded restaurant lol.
Sarah noticed the difference to my lips, but Barbara didn't (I just think she was agog at the results from the other surgeries lol).  Barbara loved the effect which the brow surgery had given me, which opened my eyes completely - and now wants to know  which eye makeup I am using so she can do hers in a similar fashion, which I thought was a huge compliment to myself and also (indirectly) to the work that Dr. Pimentel had done.
Sarah also loved the dental work - and even jokingly asked would I bequeath them to her in any future will I made, which I thought was extremely funny (I'm still giggling now as I write this Sarah).
So am I pleased that I went to Femilife for my surgeries???  The answer has to be a resounding "YES" based upon the totally honest opinions of my two closest friends, it was very worth it.
I even celebrated by buying a new pair of shoes and a handbag to go with the new face (well any excuse is better than none).


  1. How wonderful! Thanks for all you have written about your journey in Peru. I too am about 99% sure that this is the destination for my FFS. Your blog has helped put me at ease. Love and *hugs*.
    ~ Jessie <3

  2. Hi Jessie,
    I'm glad you are following the blog and have found it useful in coming to a decision about your own surgery, for this reason alone, helping many others discover that amazing results can be obtained without paying a ransom for it, it has been well worth my time and effort in writing the blog.
    Good luck when you do finally have your surgeries
    Carol xx


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