Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Comments from other neighbours

I happened to bump into another neighbour yesterday - I had decided to wear a new wig for the first time since I got back and I don't normally wear wigs - and she initially said that she loved my new hair style lol and that it made me look completely different, then she said that it really suited me as it made me look years younger (she has no idea why I had gone to Peru). I told her that it was probably my new teeth that also made me look a little different and she said that she had noticed that I had a much nicer smile. So it is quite strange really, those people who do not know why I went all make the comments that I look so much younger and fresher (yet they seemingly cannot work out why - until I give them a plausible, but different reason), which they seem to accept without further questioning.  I suppose I was also fortunate in that I was away for almost 2 months, which gives people's mental image of you time to get a little blurry and they know something is radically different but simply don't know the reason why your new appearance doesn't quite fit with the old fuzzy mental image they have of you.
So, perhaps if you are going for your FFS and don't want people to know what you are having done, do something radically different with your hair, change the colour , change the style and people will seemingly put your new face down to your new hair style/colour.

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