Wednesday, 14 March 2012

First comment

It is strange how quickly you adapt to your new face and I don't think I have changed much, but I bumped into a neighbour yesterday who knew I was going to Peru, but not the reasons why and she remarked
"Wow Carol, you look amazing, the holiday has done you a power of good - you look a lot younger and fresher than before you left, you must have been working far too hard before"
This is exactly what I was hoping for, not a radical change so that people would not recognise me any more, just subtle changes that would make me look younger and more acceptable as a woman. I also think that because it was almost 2 months since she last saw me, it was more difficult for her to see the changes, it is not like she saw me the day previously and hence had a very recent mental image to compare me to.
I suppose the acid test will come next week when I go out for a meal with my closest friends (one of them is away at a tournament at the moment) and as they knew what I was going to Peru for, they will no doubt give me a totally honest opinion on the results, at least I hope they will.


  1. Hi Carol,
    Younger and more acceptable is a wonderful thing. Hoping to be able to afford partial FFS as well. Enjoy the Carol 2.0 , perhaps in a few months you would share the before and after, for us girls considering a similar path.

    Michelle Lynn

  2. Thank you Michelle and yes, in a couple of months time I will, once everything has settled down.

    Carol xx


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