Saturday, 3 March 2012

Day 1 Post Laser Treatment

I awoke about 5 am this morning with my face on fire so I got up and had a look and it was swollen and very red - like as if I had been out in the sun all day without a sun block on.  I applied an ice pack for about 20 mins and let the heat dissipate from my face and then went back to bed.  Woke up at 8 am again and it felt tight but not painful - and the skin now feels odd like it did last time - like fine sandpaper, so if my last treatment is anything to go by, it should return to normal in about about a week's time.
For a fuller understanding on how the fractional CO2 laser treatment works, please see here.
I will be going to see Dr. Pimentel later for what might be my last visit to him before I leave for home.

I saw Dr. Pimentel and he removed the remainder of the stitches, except those inside my mouth which he said would dissolve in the next month or two.   He also recommended that I have a further one or two laser peels once I am back in UK in order to get the maximum effect from the treatments which I have had, so I might have another one and then a further one next year when I am back in Peru.
Me encanta Perú

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