Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 3 of Post Laser Treatment

Yesterday, my face was still a little red, although more like sunburn, so it wasn't too bad but still felt like fine sandpaper.
View from the 12th floor
Today I had to get up early as I was changing apartments at 9 am so was up at 6 am to turn the heater on for my shower and then packed the rest of my things.  Showered, did my hair and face and the owner of the apartments came to help me move and showed me the new apartment.  It was actually Sophie's old apartment that I am in now, so I am fairly familiar with it.
My skin is much better this morning - the worst area had been the chin and the top lip area and this is now longer exhibiting the sandpaper syndrome and feels more like normal skin, but softer than it was previously.  Parts of my forehead are also returning to more normal skin type feeling, but the sides of my face and the top of my nose are still feeling a bit rough to the touch.  So hopefully, with another 3½ days to go before my flight back to the UK, everything should be back to normal.
Nikky will be calling round just before noon to take me to see the specialist who does the tummy tucks as I am sorely empted to have this done as well to get rid of all the stretch marks from when I slimmed down from 265 lbs to my present 135 lbs - I would then be able to wear a bikini again LOL.

 Just returned from my consultation with Dr. Villasis who again, is an absolutely charming man with a bright, happy smile and although his English was not as good as Dr. Pimentel's, he was perfectly understandable.  He explained what he could do to give me the smooth tummy I wanted, but also told me that my bulge was  due to the excess skin I had created during my fat period and that I had no fat left there now, just skin, so there was no need for liposuction.  No wonder it wasn't disappearing no matter what I ate or how much I exercised.  He explained thoroughly where he would cut and where the scar tissue would be, so I am happy with that as well.
Nikky will call round later this evening to give me a quote.

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