Saturday, 10 March 2012

Finally back home

Taken at Madrid airport of the plane I flew the final leg home in
Well, back home after an uneventful, but tiring trip back to the UK (except perhaps when I found I had ventured into a secure zone where I wasn't supposed to be and had to be escorted by an armed security guard who confiscated my passport until I had been through the security check point again for a complete sweep of both myself and my hand luggage). They must have ditzy blondes in Peru as well as he fortunately saw the funny side to it.
Finally got through my front door at half past midnight on Saturday morning.

God, it's freezing over here - have the CH turned up full blast just to keep warm.

My thanks to Dr. Pimentel, Nikky Sanchez, Dr. Cuevas and all the various other doctors and nurses who looked after me during my stay in your country.  I will treasure those memories forever.

.......... and last but not least, a special thanks to two of my best friends for the beautiful "Welcome Home" card which was waiting for me when I got in - made me completely teary eyed when I opened it xx

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