Monday, 23 January 2012

Finally out again

Awoke fairly early (yet again) - slumbered on and off for an hour and finally got up at 6am. It was quite misty this morning with a light fog rolling in from the sea - however, once the sun had risen and got to work on it, it soon dissipated. Got ready and was out by 7:30am and went to the supermarket to do my major shop. One of the really nice things about the supermarket where I go is that if the cashier thinks you can't manage the items, she calls over one of the guys who work there, they do all the packing for you - put it in a trolley - and walk back with you to your apartment and help you unpack everything. Then they just walk off. I had to rush after the guy this morning to give him a few nuevo sol as a tip.
Nikky has just popped round to tell me that my first surgery will be tomorrow.  She will collect me at around 12:30 to 1:00pm and I will have the surgery at around 3 pm - YAY!!!!!!!!!
Created a new page here to explain what an FFS is all about and why it is necessary.

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