Saturday, 21 January 2012

Had my laser skin peel last night (20th January)

Yesterday evening I had my first of 3 or 4 procedures, which was the CO2 laser skin peel treatment.  Although it was painful, it wasn't that bad that I felt I had to stop the treatment and when the pain did get bad (top lip, corners of the eyes and parts of the neck) I just concentrated on the thought of all those wrinkle lines being banished.
After the treatment, they smothered my face with a soothing balm and then covered my face (except for air-holes for my mouth and nostrils) with a thin rubbery mask and left that in place for about 40 minutes.  My face felt as if it was on fire and gently pulsating but other than that everything was fine.

Nikky came to collect me and took me back to my apartment and then later on in the evening stopped by with the medications which the doctor had prescribed and explained what was for what and when it had to be applied.
Also see my FFS Diary Page for more information.


  1. Wayyhayyy Carol hope you doing ok after your first face peel, great photo of you and Nikky, put your feet up now hugs Miss Woo. xxxx

  2. Gosh, i wonder who miss woo could be.


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