Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday - out and about town

This is half of my main course
Had a spot of lunch out today for a change - went shopping on the Larco (one of the main shopping streets in Miraflores) with Sophie and bought a few small souvenir type gifts for Sarah's children and spotted this little pavement Bistro which looked quite appetising and was fairly easy on the purse - a five course lunch for 14 nuevo sol (about £3.30) which consisted of an entrada (I had mixed, cold vegetables in a light sauce), a very rich chicken noodle soup, a main course (I had the grilled beef which was delicious) and a sweet course (I was tempted by the lemon pie, but had the fruit salad) and a drink.  It really was quite delicious and we were surprised at the quality, quantity and the price.
Whilst we were eating three guys came and sat at a table just a few yards away and one was very interested in me (the guy in the yellow top) and kept looking across and smiling.  A bit too young for me though - despite my rejuvenated face.  He was good looking though and had a really, really nice smile.
Plaza area at LarcoMar
Decided to go for a walk down to Larco Mar shopping precinct in the evening.  It was packed to the rafters - I suppose not surprisingly as it is the height of the tourist season here in Peru and Miraflores (the district where I am staying and also where Larco Mar is located) is the centre of the tourist area of Lima.  Larco Mar is a really modern shopping complex, set high on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and consists of about 4 tiers of beautiful small and exclusive boutiques (all with a price tag to match unfortunately).  Unfortunately, all the North American giant chains have also moved in here and there are the MacDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc franchises all over the area.  It was getting a little cool by the time we got back to the apartment (21ºC) and I had to go and collect thedry cleaning I had dropped into the cleaners earlier on this morning.  Only to be given the shock news that it wouldn't be ready to collect until 'Mardi' (Tuesday).  Just as well that I had done a whole pile of hand washing that morning - at least I would have something to wear tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. 
Mist moving in from the Pacific Ocean
  This is a photo of the mist which often rolls into Lima and is caused by the warm air over Lima meeting with the cold air over the Humboldt current which flows up from the Antartic regions.  It is this current which is responsible for the rich fish stocks in this part of South America and makes Lima a gastronomic delight for lovers of all sea food.

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