Sunday, 29 January 2012

Shopping and the Parqué Central de Miraflores

Virgen Milagrose
Went out for a walk on my own first thing after first visiting the supermarket and went to try and find the House of Sucre for Layla - I was actually very close, but didn't spot it - will try again tomorrow.
Sophie came down for me at 11 and we decided to walk up Larco this time and see if we could find one of the main squares in Lima which is always pictured in photographs of Lima, the Parqué Central de Miraflores.
We came upon it very quickly really, whenever we have been past it in a taxi with Nikky, it has always seemed to take ages to get there, so perhaps Lima taxi drivers always try and take you the scenic route lol.
Had a wander round all the shops and bought myself a nice pair of sandals and a new handbag.  The number of shoe shops in this area was heavenly and I could have happily spent all day just wandering round these shops but Sophie wanted to see what else was in the area so I reluctantly had to give up on that idea.
Pinkberry de lúcuma
After a while, we decided to have something cooling to eat as it was so hot and sunny so we stopped in at a Pinkberry  restaurant which was adjacent  to the park and decided to have a Peruvian delicacy version of a Pinkberry called the Pinkberry de lúcuma.  The lúcuma fruit is native to certain parts of Peru and is seldom found outside the country as it simply will not grow elsewhere.  Pinkberry's are found the world over and specialise in frozen yoghurts - and this version was mouth wateringly delicious.  I remember Nikky telling me the night when I went for my laser peel that the lúcuma fruit actually came from the part of Peru where she was born - part of the rain forest area of Peru.
Below is the fountain that almost soaked Sophie and myself after we arrived back from our open topped bus tour of Lima and the museum - but were kindly rescued by one of the security guards just seconds before it was turned on again.


  1. Looks fab Carol, so jealous lol! :P xx

  2. It is fab Sarah - but think I got a bit of sun stroke whilst I was out today - I'm sat here wearing a cardie and it's still 23ºC LOL


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