Monday, 9 January 2012

This seems so surreal

Well, here I am, waiting for next Sunday evening to arrive when I will set off on my trip to Lima, Peru for my FFS with Femilife - and it just feels surreal as if it isn't happening.  What terrifies me is the thought of the flying - whereas the thought of the surgery doesn't worry me one little bit, which is a bit odd as for most people it would be the opposite way round.

I'm also into my ninth day of quitting smoking, so far I've only had a couple of really bad moments, but my friends from the Gender Society have talked me through the bad bits with words of encouragement and praise (so a big thank you to all those people).

Hopefully with everything that will be happening in Peru I will be able to get through the next few weeks without any slip ups - and then I should be able to say that I have finally quit.

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