Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another hot and sunny day

180º Panorama of the Pacific Coastline at Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Tower on the cliff top
Another beautiful day with clear blue skies, so it was promising to be very hot.  I decided to go shopping again up near the Parqué Central and then returned via the Vivanda supermarket that I use to stock up on things and get some more fresh fruit.  I was still a bit restless after this so decided to have a walk down to the cliffs overlooking the beach at Miraflores (picture above) and have a wander round that area.
After I returned to my apartment, Nikky called round to see me and we had a really good long chat to discuss what would be happening in the next 11 days before I fly back to the UK.  Monday in particular promises to be quite hectic as I will go and see Dr. Pimentel for removal of more stitches and he will then decide if I can have my laser treatment.  Late afternoon I am going to see Dr. Cueva for the last (hopefully) trial fitting of the metal caps and the porcelain crowns - then, provided I was given the OK for the laser treatment, I will go to the clinic (Medi Esthetic) for the CO2 laser resurfacing treatment on my face. 
One interesting point came up during the conversation is that Femilife is finally hoping to open their own offices in about a months time.  Other than the actual surgeries themselves, this will be the venue for all consultations and Post-operative follow up meetings with the surgeons.  It will be situated within a short walk of the apartments which Nikky is using to accommodate her patients.

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