Thursday, 2 February 2012

Removal of stitches

We went to see Dr. Pimentel at the clinic where he removed around 50% of my stitches from my forehead and what seemed like a whole mass of stuff from my nostrils, but he left a few of the stitches in place to make sure everything was being held securely in place and that the incisions had really started to heal and were not likely to split open at any time.
I will have to return on Saturday when the remainder of all the stitches will be removed.
Strangely enough, the part I thought was going to be agonisingly painful (the nostril stitches) I experienced very little discomfort whilst he was doing it - and only the very odd momentary sharp pain from those that he removed from the forehead.  He was very gentle.  The plaster/bandaging on the nose remains however and I will be really glad to see the back of that.
He gave me a tentative date of 7 days from now for the second lot of surgery which he said he would assess again when I see him on Saturday.
All is looking good.


  1. So glad it wasn't that uncomfortable for you Carol I know you were dreading the stitches being removed from your nose!!!
    What does your forehead look like are you pleased with the result or can't you see it properly yet?
    Will you get it all done in time before you have to come home as it seems you are to have quite abit done still as you said you were going to have your teeth done too? Or are you staying longer ?
    Speak soon
    Barb xxx

  2. I know I was surprised at how little pain there was - perhaps my whole head is just numb from the surgery LOL.
    The forehead didn't swell as badly as photographs that I have seen of other people who have had this type of surgery - and I put that down to the Arnica tablets I took before and after the surgery. I didn't have any bruising either.
    The forhead still has stitches in it at the moment, but there isn't a red angry looking scar so I don't think it will be horrendously obvious and hopefully it will be even better by the time I return back to the UK.
    Any dental work will be carried out after the face lifts/cheek implants and the dental work is not a huge problem if I decide to get it done.
    Talk later
    Carol xxx


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