Monday, 6 February 2012

Lost my sun hat

Old Peruvian steam train
A very quiet day and it was roasting hot under a clear blue sky, so, bearing in mind that I am not supposed to expose the scar on my forehead and under my nose to the sun, I resisted going out until later on in the afternoon when I walked up to a beautiful little park near to the main motorway which runs through the heart of Lima.  It was an oasis with lots of trees to provide shade.
In the middle of the park was a small museum, unfortunately it was closed being a Sunday but alongside the museum was a very old steam train, so I must presume that the museum was something to do with transport.  On the way back I lost my sun hat - so that made any further outings not feasible for the remainder of the day.
180º panorama of the Parqué Central de Miraflores
Strolled up to the Parqué Central area again today to buy a sun hat from one of the many street vendors who inhabit the area and picked up a slightly smaller size one - and this time it had a band which went under my chin - at least that should solve the problem of it falling off again and losing it.  I thought he said it was 50 nuevo sol to start off with, which I thought was a little expensive so I started to haggle with him on the price.  He had a very puzzled expression on his face as actually he had told me it was 15 nuevo sol, had a good laugh with him about that.
Some of the many feral cats
There is a large feral cat population which is endemic to Lima, but they all seem to prefer to live in the area of the park, presumably feeding on the remnants of the fast food establishments which proliferate in that area - and also no doubt on the mice which undoubtedly live in the park and its surrounding area.

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