Sunday, 12 February 2012

Another partly wasted day

Went for my dental fitting this morning and as usual Dr. Cueva was charming and hospitable.  I was seen promptly (well within 5 mins lol) and the new denture looks so much better than my old 'immediate' denture supplied by the NHS (for £300+).  I paid half the bill, the remainder of which is to be paid on completion of all the work.  Got back at about 12 after doing a little shopping to wait for Dr. Pimentel's promised visit.
And waited, and waited ................ and waited.  At 6 pm I phoned Nikky and she said she was coming round to see me as Dr. Pimentel had been called away to yet another emergency in another city and because of this, not only was the final removal of the stitches postponed, my surgery had been put back yet another day.  I was not very pleased about this, to say the least.  Common courtesy would have been to inform us (both Sarah and myself) so that we could go out if we wished to instead of being cooped up in our rooms waiting. This is the second time that my surgery has been put back, the first time was because he wanted extra tests doing (delayed by about 5 days for that one).  This is all eating into my planned recovery time at the end of my stay here when I should be healing so that when I start my weddings when I return to the UK there will be minimal amount of scarring visible.

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