Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Elation - and disappointment

Malecón de la Reserva,  Miraflores,  Lima
Went to the clinic at lunchtime to see Dr. Pimentel and he removed all the remaining stitches and gave me the go ahead for the CO2 laser resurfacing and said that the dentist could start work on my upper teeth on Thursday.
In the late afternoon I went to my appointment with Dr. Cueva and he tried in the metal caps which now had the porcelain crowns attached, I was pleased with them, but Dr. Cueva thought that he could improve on the fitting and the aesthetics so he explained what needed doing and why to the dental technician who was also present at the consultation.  After going over things several times with her to make sure she understood what was required, he told me that the final fitting would be on Thursday morning.  He also told the technician how he wanted the upper denture modified and if it still didn't fit correctly at that point he would make some further impressions and have a new set made for me.
Taken in the Parqué Central
The disappointment came when Nikky said that I couldn't have the laser treatment tonight despite Dr. Pimentel giving the go ahead for treatment to start.  She will be calling round later to explain why.
Apparently it was because the doctor at Medi Esthetic didn't have any spare appointments this evening which is beyond Nikky's control - but on the recommendation of Dr. Pimentel, I will first have the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) rejuvenation treatment which will be followed on Friday by the 2nd laser skin resurfacing treatment.
Nikky's new clinic will be situated close to the Parqué Central de Miraflores she told me, which is a beautiful location - see the picture on the right which was taken within the grounds of the park.  It is about a 10 minute walk from the apartment where I am staying - but Innperu (the company that owns the apartment where I am staying also has some apartment blocks closer to this location, so perhaps Nikky will be using those apartments in the future if there is availability at the time you book.
North entrance to the Parqué Central de Miraflores, Lima Peru, a haven of shade after a shopping trip

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