Saturday, 4 February 2012

Yay, stitches out and nose plaster removed

Finally, virtually all of the remaining stitches were removed at lunchtime - and what a difference it makes.  The scar on my forehead is a pinkish line which, is not particularly noticeable and which I know will fade dramatically over the next 6 months - and should be fine as I prefer to wear my hair with a fringe.
The removal of the stitches went well and there was very little pain - so either my head must be still completely numb or my lessons in meditation which helped see me through many hours of painful electrolysis really came to the fore.  I think he (Dr. Pimentel) was surprised on how easily I managed the pain.
Now that the stitches are out and the plaster that has been covering my nose for the past ten days has been removed all I can say is that I am utterly amazed at what a difference it has made to my face - and if I pull the skin slightly to emulate what the face will look like after the face lifts, I am getting glimpses of why he was telling me that he was taking my face back to being 40 years old.
I am so pleased that I decided to have this done and would like to record my thanks to two people (Layla and Veronika) who both visited Lima to ensure the legitimacy of Femilife before recommending it to me.  Thank you.

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