Saturday, 11 February 2012

A bit of a non-event day

Had planned to have the rest of my stitches removed today and Nikky called and took me to the clinic, but Dr. Pimentel rang her to say that he had unfortunately been called to an emergency and so it was cancelled.  He rang again slightly later to apologise to us but said that he would call round to my apartment on Saturday to remove the remaining stitches and discuss my next surgery on Monday.  What's this, home visits by the surgeon??  Something absolutely unheard of in the UK!!
So tomorrow is going to be quite busy, first the visit from Dr. Pimentel and then a trip to the dentist's for my first fitting of my upper denture.
Started my separate page (see here) about my experiences with Dr. Carlos Cueva, a cosmetic dentist here in Peru.

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