Saturday, 4 February 2012

Last Lunch with Sophie

When we got back from the clinic, Sophie and I decided to go out and have a last lunch together before she flies back to the States tonight.  After looking at various place we decided  on an Argentinian restaurant in the small pedestrianised precinct just up from the supermarket and had a very enjoyable meal there (sorry, no photos this time).  I had a salad based dish with Avocado pear and a chicken and potato topping which was very tasty and then a steak which had been cooked in a breadcrumb and batter coating with some French Fries (wow, naughty, naughty - but I honestly haven't had a chip for at least 6 months, so I think I can be forgiven this once).
I will probably ask Nikky if I can go with them to the airport so that I can say a proper goodbye to Sophie later.  She has been a very good friend to me as we went through out various ops together.
Alas, it was not really possible to go to the airport as the taxi was not coming back to Miraflores, so I had to say my farewells to Sophie at the apartment.  I felt quite sad at saying bye bye.
So, if you ever get to read this Sophie
'Thank you for your friendship and companionship this last three weeks, it has meant  a lot to me' xxx

After she left, I took a stroll up to the Parqué Central.  Lima comes to life of an evening and the city takes on a new form of life, with a vibrancy which you simply do not see during the day.  It would seem that every man, woman and their dogs take to the streets at night and it was heaving with people.  The Parqué itself was packed to the rafters, you could hardly move for the sheer volume of people who were packed into it, yet I never felt threatened in any way, the people were there to enjoy themselves and just have fun.  It was just a nice place to be and although I took a cardigan with me, I regretted wearing it as it was still very warm, despite the late hour.
Hola Lima, me encanta tu encanto y vitalidad - y gracias al pueblo peruano por su calidez y hospitalidad.

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