Friday, 3 February 2012

The Inca Plaza

Nothing happening on the medical yesterday or today for me - although Sophie had her laser skin resurfacing done last night, which she found was a little painful (tell me about it lol), but at least it is not for hours on end.
Sophie's friend told her about a small shopping centre about 4 or 5 blocks north of the Parqué Central de Miraflores and we were planning to go there today, provided it wasn't sunny - but alas, the sun was streaming down once again this morning so I decided to walk up there on my own.
Artesanal Inca Plaza, Miraflores, Peru
It is a small complex of a myriad of small shops, the majority of which are selling souvenir type gifts based on Inca styles for things like dolls, rugs, clothing, jewellery etc.
It is a charming little complex  where the people greet you with a pleasant "Buenos días Senora" or even a light hearted "Hola, senorita" and a ready smile.
One of the typical shops
I found the prices were a little high, until I discovered if you shake your head and start to haggle (quite amusing when you don't really speak too much of the language) that the prices soon start dropping if they realise that they are going to lose the sale.  Items would often drop to less than half of what they were originally asking you for.  Having learned that lesson I will probably go back later on in my stay here and buy a few more bits and pieces for both myself and for presents back home. 
Maybe Sophie might be interested in going back later on tonight once she can go out again after her laser treatment, it would be nice for her to see it - especially as it was Sophie who told me about it in the first instance.

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