Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Visit to the Dentist planned for today

Miraflores by night
Last night Nikky phoned to tell me that she had arranged for my visit to the dentist's today to enquire about some dental work that I need doing and what my dentist in the UK had quoted me £2,150 for.  I read on the internet that Peruvian dentist's are just as qualified as European ones and only about a third of the price - so the savings could be quite large.
Later on, I also went out to take some night time photographs of Lima and again there was a certain buzz about the city, and although not as packed as on Saturday night, there were still many people out on the streets.
A guitarist was playing in the small amphitheatre in the heart of the Parqué Central with crowds of people sat around listening to him play.  Just as I was leaving the park, another musician must have joined him as I could hear the plaintive and distinct sound of the Peruvian panpipes mingled in with the guitar.

Dr. Carlos Cueva
Had my appointment with the dentist this afternoon and as usual, the clinic was ultra modern and spotlessly clean.  The dentist spoke flawless English and he was charming and lovely to talk to.  After a thorough examination and discussion of what I wanted (a new upper denture and six of my lower teeth crowned, he gave me the total price of the treatments which came to £1,387 - far less than what it would have cost just for the crowns alone in the UK.  The upper denture I am having made is very high quality and he suggested many improvements over the one which I already have and a denture of this quality would probably have cost me a minimum of around £700 in the UK (so £2,850 in the UK vs £1,387 in Peru - so no contest, I am having my teeth done whilst I am here in Peru). If I had gone with a cosmetic dentist in the UK as my own dentist was suggesting that I should, the price difference would have been an amazing £2,000.  So not only will I be returning to the UK with a bright new face, I will have a bright new smile to match it.
For anybody coming to Peru for their FFS, it might be well worth your while to have any dental treatments that you require whilst you are in Lima.  Dr. Carlos Cueva has his own website here
Nikky also confirmed to me that my second surgery will be on Monday.  This is where it all starts to get more and more exciting.

Further details of my dental experiences will appear in a separate page  here.

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