Monday, 8 October 2012

Abdominoplasty Consultation Day

Quite cloudy when I got up this morning and much cooler than it has been.  I will be having my consultation about my abdominoplasty with the surgeon very early this afternoon.  Sat talking to Claire in the garden for most of the morning just relaxing chatting about home and things that have happened in our lives.  Took a few photos of Mischoo (our resident kitten) that has seemed to adopt the apartments as her home.  She is so cute and loves human company and makes a fuss of us when we are out on the patio - morning, evening or night.  I have attached some photographs of her as a separate page which you can see here
At lunchtime a few of us travelled to the clinic where I had my consultations with various surgeons and the abdomino plasty surgeon told me that he could achieve the result that I wanted - without cutting into the back, he said he could achieve the back by doing a bit of liposuction at the back to lose my 'wings' - so I then went for my bloods, ecg and all the other tests - which came out satisfactorily, so it is full steam ahead for Wednesday at the Estethica Hospital (I had hoped for Tuesday, but he is busy then).  At the same time I might be having some Restylane fillers and my top lip filled - and I also might be having some other surgery (depending on the cost).


  1. Its really a funny day for Tummy tuck ..Its good to read..

    Sam S

    1. Sorry Sam I don't accept spam posts advertising your dubious services on my blog. Your link has been removed to protect all other persons reading this blog.

      Kindest regards



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