Saturday, 6 October 2012

I can't wait to be able to get something on my head

Spent a pleasant evening last night sat in the gardens talking to Tracey and Jody, they really are a mad pair (but absolutely delightful company).  Jody went to bed around midnight and I stayed up chatting to Tracey for a further 30 mins before I turned in.
This morning got up at around 7am - beautifully warm and sunny again.  Tracey is off to have her final teeth veneers and bridge work done later this morning and then they will both be off home tomorrow.  The two young girls who had their boob jobs left for home at 5am this morning and Tracey and Jody will be leaving on Sunday - which is a shame as I will miss their company.
Jody came down for breakfast just after I started mine and Tracey joined us later (a bit hung over from last night lol)
There will 3 new people arriving over the weekend - 1 man and two other women, so I hope they will be pleasant company too

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