Saturday, 13 October 2012

Day 3 Post Op

View from my apartment window today
Good morning from a gloriously hot and sunny Istanbul in Turkey.  Already around 25ºC and forecast to rise to around 30ºC for today until Wednesday when I leave on my flight back to the UK.  I didn't sleep very well last night, not because of any pain from the operation sites, just a bit of back ache from having to sleep on my back all this time.  Got up at about 4am for an hour then back to bed and I then slept through until around 8am - even the Imam's call to prayer failed to wake me lol.
Finally able to get my wig back on and Alla greeted me with a "Beautiful" comment and a broad smile - and then proceeded to take photographs of me during breakfast.  I have noticed that she does this with people that she likes and doesn't bother to do so with people that she doesn't really care for, so I must be in her good books for some reason.
Had a peek at my labiaplasty this morning, but can't really see what the effect is as it's covered in plasters at the moment and I haven't really seen what the tummy tuck is like at the moment as I have to keep this elasticated "waspie" on at all times day and night - so I can't even shower at the moment.  I hope the surgeon gives me the OK to shower on Monday otherwise I will be sat alone on the plane on Wednesday.  More Later

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