Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Last Day

Scorching hot last day today which is turning out to be a bit of a farce. Engin was going to pick us all up at 10:30 am to go to the hospital, but ended up coming at 11:45 and then told me that the surgeon couldn't fit me in until this afternoon - so my intended last day shopping spree has disappeared up in smoke.
However here is a photograph of the wonderful Allah, the Ukrainian lady who looked after all the guests here, cooking all our meals, cleaning our rooms and doing any washing that we needed doing.
I will start packing some of my stuff in a moment in readiness for leaving early tomorrow morning (I will have to be out of the apartment by 9 am in order to get to the airport by around 10:30 to 11 am.  My flight back to the UK is at 12:45, so should be back in the UK by around 3pm (UK time), then the long car trip back to Torquay.
Finally went to see the two surgeons at 4pm and Claire met me at the Estethica Hospital - had a sandwich and a cup of cappuccino before going in to see the surgeons.  The first one was the surgeon who did the labiaplasty and he said it looks far better than it did before so I am really pleased about that and then I saw Dr Ergin (the surgeon who did my tummy)
He was very pleased with how it is healing.  Both of them prescribed some ointments for application afterwards.  I have to see my GP when I get back to the UK as I have a mixture of dissoluble and non dissoluble ones.
Next followed a comedy regime when Claire and myself caught a taxi to meet up with Engin. He drove us a quarter of a mile and then stopped in front of a taxi kiosk, got out and was in consultation with 5 other taxi drivers as to the location he was supposed to be taking us.  In the end we had to transfer into another taxi who drove us to the general vicinity and then he had to ask another driver for final directions whilst we were in a traffic jam.  Claire and myself were laughing our heads off at the Monty Pythonesque  of it all.
Engin met us at the clinic and then took us both out for a meal as it was my last night there.
Claire and I then went back to the apartment and we sat chatting  together until just turned 10 o'clock before we decided to turn in for the night.  Engin just popped in to give me my medications to take home with me. 

I really will miss Claire when I return home as she was really lovely and a genuinely nice person to know, in fact I will miss all of them, but Engin told me if I ever fancy a short break, then they would love me to come back and spend a few days with them as they will all miss my company too - and he really meant it, so who knows, maybe in a few moths time when I am sick of the English winter I might pop back to Turkey for a week to renew my friendships that I have made here.
This is me then, signing off from Turkey - a separate review will follow shortly xxx

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