Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Journey Home

The old and the new in Istanbul
I didn't sleep very well last night and I didn't want to take a sleeping tablet, just in case I overslept and had to rush around and possibly miss my flight.  I must have dozed off at around 4 am though as the Imam woke me up with his call to prayer.  I felt a bit down about leaving - not only the weather and what the surgeries have accomplished, but I will really miss the companionship of the lovely Clare and the mad Ukrainian woman, Allah.  She's not mad really, but just crazy in the loveliest sense of the word.
Finished my packing and went to say bye bye to Mischoo and her sister, who I christened Tishchoo - she's practically identical except in the eyes and she is quite a bit smaller than Mischoo - and very timid, although she was taking food from my hand towards the end.
Clare knew that I loved the bracelet she had bought from the Grand Bazaar - and because I hadn't been able to go because of the delays the day before - she surprised me when she came down for breakfast as she said that she wanted me to have it - and she would get another one when she went there next.  What a wonderful special person to do that.  Thank you Clare, it meant an awful lot to me.
Arrived at the airport in plenty of time, that's the worst thing about flying - all the hanging around and then the only really exciting bits are the take off and landing.  It was hot and boring on the plane (which was full) and we landed at Luton at around 2:50 pm (UK time).  After going through Customs and collecting my luggage, I caught the shuttle bus that runs to the Long Stay Car Park and collected my car and then the long drive home back to Torquay.  When I got home it was raining quite heavily and COLD, almost turned the car round and drove back to Luton lol
Tummy and hair are fine but I have to see my GP early next week for him to remove the stitches - not looking forward to that one little bit.
Right, I'd better go and unpack some of my stuff and sort out the things for the washing machine tomorrow - back to reality with a bump.

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