Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day of the surgeries

Estethica Hospital/Clinic
The alarm clock on my phone woke me at 5:30 am time for a leisurely shower and wash my slowly growing hair and then get ready and pack the things that I am taking with me to the hospital.  I was actually ready far too early and had to wait for 35 mins for Engin to arrive.  Clare came down to join us, which I was glad of as she could understand how I am feeling and if I needed any personal stuff doing - at least it  would be another woman there to help me.  I was feeling quite nervous by now - which wasn't helped by the fact I was nil by mouth from the previous evening.
After arriving at the hospital, I was quickly ushered to my beautiful private room - where a nurse was there to greet me and help me get changed into my hospital gown.  A nurse bravely tried to find a vein so she could insert the cannula - in the end, as per usual it was inserted into a vein on my wrist.  I hate it there and when Claire saw my rising panic, she just grabbed my hand and said "look at me, not what she is doing".  I then remember being wheeled out of my room and saying "bye bye" to Clare  then I must have dozed off and the next thing was waking up in my room again.  I dozed fitfully for about 3 hours and then Engin and Clare popped in to see me and make sure that I was OK - Engin told me that I had been in theatre for over 4 hours and that both surgeons were happy with the outcome of their surgeries.
Unfortunately, I am trussed up in a very tight corset type of garment at the moment and this will have to stay in place for another week so I cannot see my tummy or the results of my labial reconstruction.
I dozed on and off throughout the rest of the day - not in any real pain unless I try and sit up and later on this evening I did manage to go to the loo with the help of two nurses.
I am feeling tired now, just wanted to reassure my friends who are following this blog that I am fine - will update this tomorrow after I have had some more sleep


  1. Hi carol thinking of you , speedy recovery xxx Katy

  2. Thank you Katy- it wasn't all that bad really, just a little sore and it hurts when I use my tummy muscles to do anything at the moment (which seems to be everything I do lol). Back at the apartment now resting.
    How did your first week at work go???
    Carol xxx


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