Monday, 15 October 2012

Day 5 Post Op

Took another sleeping tablet last night and again slept like a log until about 7:45 am.  Took my restraining band off and finally got into the shower - pure bliss, I must have been in there at least 20 mins luxuriating in the flow of clean fresh water washing over my body.  Came out feeling fresh and alive and still marvelling at my new tummy, it's incredible, no bulge any more, just a beautiful flat tummy.
Went down to breakfast with a smiling Alla - saved some of my omelette for Mischoo (who seemed to love the bits of tomato ketchup still left on part of it.  It was a little cloudy when I got up, but the sun has soon chased those clouds away and it is glorious sunshine once again.  I love it here.  I plan to go down to the bazaar later on this morning as Diane told me that there is some beautiful jewellery down there - but she warned me that the vendors do expect to haggle over prices, as they seem to enjoy that here.
Went to try and find the bazaar, but it was either closed or I had got lost, but I had a nice walk round the many beautiful small shops in the town, but decided against buying anything until I have had a chance to visit the bazaar.  Must ask Engin where it is again.  Fruit has been not available since I got here, so bought a large bunch of grapes on my way back to the apartment - about twice the size of what you can buy in Sainsbury's for about 60 pence.
Clare was back from her weekend break with her boyfriend (with a sparkle back in her eyes lol).  In the end it was just far too hot to sit out on the patio - must be reaching 30ºC out there at the moment, so dreading coming back to the UK a day after tomorrow, just 1½ days left to go, can't believe it has passed so quickly.
Engin later informed me that the bazaar is only open on a Sunday (so I can either stay and have some more surgery and go to the market on Sunday or give up on the idea.
Lisa's nose job did look terrific - hmmmmmm (lol)
The new people from Switzerland arrived this afternoon (a brother and sister) to have their rhinoplasties done - this will probably be the last time that I see them this evening as they will be in the hospital tomorrow and I leave the day afterwards - shame as they seem to be fun people.  Another married couple are arriving this evening for slim lipo, so I will probably get to know them far less - although we will probably travel to the hospital together tomorrow when I will have my final consultation with the surgeon

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