Thursday, 25 October 2012

Removal of my stitches today

Just getting ready to go down to see the nurse at the medical centre where I am registered.

Just got back in and I was pleasantly surprised - the tummy ones didn't hurt at all, or the belly button ones.  I must admit though a few of the ones in the labia did sting a little.
I was a little embarrassed though, it is all well and good doctors in Turkey examining you down there - you won't see them again, but I know the practice nurse quite well and she is always taking blood samples and such for my diabetic checks etc.  However she was quite sweet about it all and helped put me at ease.
My tummy wouldn't stop rumbling though all the way through the removal process and in some ways this made it easier as we had a laugh about what my tummy was trying to vocalise lol.
Still it is all over now and she said that everything looks good and is healing fine.

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