Friday, 12 October 2012

Day 2 - Post op

Another view of my room
Woke this morning at around 6am with the Imam blaring out his song beckoning the faithful to prayer - couldn't get back to sleep so got up and washed as best I could (no showers yet unfortunately).  No pain at all except for when I use my tummy muscles - and even that isn't as bad as it was yesterday, except for when a sudden sneeze caught me out - and that was painful.
Went down to breakfast and to say bye bye to Lee who is leaving today (he is on the same time flight back to Luton as I am next Wednesday).  Had breakfast then sat out on the patio in the glorious sunshine having a chat with Claire until it was time for her to leave to go to the clinic to collect a patient who had had her liposuction the day before.  I haven't met her yet as she arrived the day that I was having my procedures done.
Back in my room now as the surgeon said it was important for me to rest as much as possible - more to follow later.
I was sorting through some of my clothes to wash and Alla (the lady who does the cooking and cleaning at the apartments) bustled in took them off me and said (in Turkish or Ukrainian, don't know which) something to the tune of, "That's my job" and off she went to wash them for me.  She's really quite lovely  - although she does tend to tease us about Mischoo (the kitten) calling her "Barbiecue" lol.  Feeling more able now as I have just got off my bed without the terrible pain that I had doing that yesterday, so things must be healing up down there quite rapidly, which augurs well for a complete recovery.  Apparently I won't see the results for at least a couple of months as there tends to be a fair amount of swelling and water retention for the first couple of months.  I will see both the surgeons on Monday for my post operative follow up and hopefully he will remove the drains at that time - at the moment I am walking round with what I have called my "puppy" - a small plastic bottle which contains the drain fluids - and this is running clearer now.

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