Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hair Wash Day

Engin outside the Hair Transplant Clinic
We had a guy from the USA join us last night called André and although he was a little shy at first joining us round the table after dinner, Engin persuaded him to join us and he is quite a character.
Engin called round shortly after breakfast to take me and André to the hair transplant clinic, André for his transplants - and me to have my hair washed and have the surgical cap that I had been wearing removed.
I was greeted like an old friend by the team when I got there, they really are kind and lovely people.
They first sprayed some foam onto my head which was left on for about an hour - this was to soften up the scabs so that they would not pull at the transplants when the hair was washed, then one of the team washed my head (pure bliss) and showed me what I had to do for the next few weeks when I washed my hair.
Afterwards, Engin drove me back and suggested that we meet up with a couple of the other girls who were out shopping - and took us to a new open air restaurant where we relaxed with a lovely cup of cappuccino and a delicious dark chocolate gateau.  Might as well give the surgeon something to work on for my tummy tuck as it will be my last piece of cake for a long time to come lol
Then back to the apartment where I finally had a chance to talk to the other lady who had had her tummy tuck on Thursday.  She said it was fine, although she had not had a chance to have a real look at it yet because of the corset which she had to wear, but she said that she wasn't suffering from any pain and was looking forward to seeing the result after the initial swelling had gone down.  She still had her drains in at the moment though as well.

My new friends Tracey and Jody departed back to London later on in the afternoon, feel rather sad at them going for they certainly added a sparkle to the visit here.  Have a safe flight the two of you - missing you already!


  1. You seem to be quite impressed with the set up that they have there in Turkey Carol, how would you say the treatment and the care you are receiving compares with what you experienced in Peru??

    1. The accommodation and the way that patients are looked after is much better to be honest - everything is provided, travel to and from the airport, all medicines, travel to see the doctors etc is all laid on (as it is in Peru), the main difference is the fact that we have a resident cook (lovely home made meals) and cleaners are provided - so we don't have to worry about that side of it at all, the main focus is on us "getting better".
      I also found that it was really nice that we dine together and spend our days/evenings together as a group and can share our experiences and give support to one another. This has proved an extremely enjoyable part of the whole experience - and although Egin (the owner and patient co-ordinator of Comfort Zone) lives away from the site, one of the resident staff in the apartment building is actually English and obviously speaks fluent English) and can sort out any worries without any language barriers. Egin also speaks fluent English and I was really impressed with the speed of response to my initial email enquiry (as discussed earlier in this blog).
      So, overall (at this moment in time), I can honestly say that I consider this to be a far better experience.

      Carol xx


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