Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hectic Morning

I was due to go and see the gynaecologist this morning, but the wind slammed the door to my room shut earlier on and dropped the catch down - so I couldn't get back into my room - and nobody could find the key.  It could only happen to me lol. 
We had to get a handyman in to climb into my room and let me back in so I could get ready to see him.  I wanted to see the gynaecologist about labial tightening and the first one that I saw could not perform the operation but he spoke to another plastic surgeon/gynaecologist, explained exactly what was needed and then Engin drove me round to see him.  Another session in the stirrups with the spot light concentrated on my genitalia and this time, this one said it was a relatively easy procedure to do and he was prepared to do it at the same time as my tummy tuck tomorrow..
The only unfortunate bit was yesterday when the tummy specialist confirmed that he could not use my excess fat to give me wider hips - as I am not carrying any spare fat, it is just the surplus skin that I had developed when I had been so overweight 4 years ago - but hopefully, I will now get my 24 to 25" waistline and a much better figure overall.
Thankfully Claire had come along with us so it was a lot easier for me as we could have a bit of a laugh about it -which certainly helped ease the embarrassment that I was feeling.

Well, it's 10:30 PM Turkish time, and I am all prepped, shaven in all the right places (ouch) and ready for my big day tomorrow.  Time for bobo's I think as I have to be up at 5:30 am as Engin is taking me to the hospital at 6:45am I am apparently the first one on the list so at least I will not be waiting around all day long like I was in Peru.

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