Thursday, 11 October 2012

Following morning

My room - Como
I slept fitfully off and on until around 3:30am and I then asked the nurse if she could give me a sleeping tablet, she arrived with a needle and syringe which she said contained a pain killer and a sedative - and proceeded to inject it into my thigh.  Afterwards, I did manage to sleep until around 6:30am when they brought me my breakfast - a light salad with some goat's cheese and olives (yuck) and a cup of black tea.  Afterwards I went into my bathroom and had a good wash and freshen up - and immediately started feeling a lot better.  The nurse removed the saline/glucose drip and said that I didn't need it plugging back onto the cannula again - so I also went for a walk round to get my circulation moving again.
Compared with Peru, these rooms are sheer luxury, reasonably comfortable beds, plenty of locker space, wi-fi. The rooms also have an upper deck where friends or relatives can stay with you for company during your stay.  The nursing staff are also first class and respond immediately to the buzzer if you press it - even in the middle of the night - in Peru it was pot luck if they came to you within 30 mins
I am not in any real pain except for if I use my tummy muscles (which is for practically everything that I do I have just found out lol).
I am now just hanging about waiting for the surgeons to arrive and see if they will discharge me.

 Ozzie came to pick me up and it was a full car as Diane, Lisa, Lee had come to the clinic for their checkups, the traffic (as per usual in Istanbul) was a nightmare.  Ozzie tries to be so gentle when he is driving - especially when he is carrying patients who have had tummy surgery, he manoeuvres over speed bumps at about 1 mph so as not to create a jolt in us.
Had the funniest hair wash last night imaginable - I first sprayed the special foam on my head and left it for an hour as instructed.  Claire had volunteered to wash it for me because I am not supposed to stretch in any way..  We went into the large bathroom as it would have been difficult in mine and Claire worked out that the best way to do it was for her to get into the bath (it is a huge bath) and for me to hang my head over the side whilst she washed it.  So poor Claire is there getting her jeans soaking wet from the splashes - it was quite comical really - but at least it got the job done

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