Friday, 5 October 2012

Travel and flight to Turkey

It was a hectic couple of days before I travelled to Turkey - first dashing round getting some last minute shopping done after all the girls went home after their weekend in Torquay - and collecting the Turkish Lira that I had pre-ordered.  Then I had an evening duty on the telephone on the Monday and another training session on the Tuesday evening.  Dashed home from that before doing my final packing, then everything loaded into the car to start the 230 mile drive to Luton airport.
Then the inevitable 2 to 3 hour wait before boarding the aircraft and a safe and interesting flight to Istanbul airport.  I was sitting next to a woman of about 50 and her son who were having a short 5 day visit to Istanbul and we spent the whole flight engaged in a nice bit of chatting - talking about what she was going to be doing and the various places she was planning to visit.  Before we knew it we were touching down in Istanbul - and boy was it hot after leaving the UK

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